Request 80000 Dollar credit online?

Loans over 80,000 dollars are not simply given. Assignments of wages will generally not be sufficient as security. In many cases, the bank will expect further protection, such as land charges or transfers of security from expensive motor vehicles and from securities holdings.

In addition, good income ratios and sufficient creditworthiness according to the bank’s lending guidelines are required. These special circumstances often do not allow the largely electronic processing of lending. For this reason, only a few direct banks deal with loans over 80,000 dollars.

Nevertheless, it makes sense to include the relatively few online offers in a loan comparison. All the more so since interest rate differences of a few decimal points can make a considerable difference in costs for amounts of this magnitude.

Below we present some loan offers from financial service providers operating on the Internet.

If a property can be provided as security, the range of online loans over 80,000 dollars is somewhat wider.

Credit comparison tips


  1. In the first step, get some offers via a loan calculator. Try it first without a co-signer, then with another borrower. However, a co-signer is regularly expected for loan amounts of over 80,000 dollars.
  2. In a second step, contact a reputable credit broker and ask them to offer you a loan.
  3. Now contact your house bank or one or two other branch banks. If necessary, negotiate the terms using the credit offers from financial service providers you have received from the Internet.
  4. Complete the cheapest loan offer. Pay attention not only to the interest rate level but also to the flexibility of the loan offer. (Free special repayments, early loan repayment, repayment suspension if necessary).

80,000 dollars credit from Good Credit

80,000 dollars credit from Good Credit

On the Internet, users can find some loan brokers that provide loans over USD 80,000. Some are skeptical when it comes to credit intermediaries. In fact, black sheep are troubling the industry.

There are two keywords in this context: Preliminary costs are demanded without any meaningful service being rendered.

And useless insurance, not infrequently in the context of home visits, is marketed or address trading is carried out without serious credit brokering actually taking place.

In any case, the market leaders are serious. We have introduced the most well-known credit intermediaries under the chapter “Credit intermediaries”.

Our recommendation is Good Credit. The financial service provider based in Halle has an excellent reputation, especially when it comes to expert advice and customer care.

The credit request is neutral and free of charge and non-binding. It is recommended that customers take advantage of the personal advisory service for relatively high loan amounts such as 80,000 dollars. Good Credit offers two options:

Classic installment loan

Classic installment loan

Loans of up to USD 100,000 are possible. Also with installment loans, a long term of up to 120 months, which is not usual for online loans, is offered. The interest rates depend on the creditworthiness. After submitting the credit request, Good Credit will conduct a comparison of terms among its partner banks.

Therefore, tell the financial service provider which other conditions you value. Special repayment options, initial repayment deferrals, installment suspensions or an early full loan repayment are possible.

If a piece of land is available as security or if 80,000 dollars are to be financed in order to buy a property that you use yourself, the mortgage loan is an alternative to the classic installment loan.

Mortgage loans

The Good Credit mortgage loan is an all-purpose loan secured by real estate for free use.

The loan can therefore not only be used to finance new acquisitions or measures for an existing property but also, for example, rescheduling measures and every conceivable purchase.

In addition, the purchase of homeownership without equity is fundamentally possible.

Borrowers benefit from particularly low-interest rates and long terms, which make low rates possible.

However, the total cost of the loan increases with the term. Real estate mortgage loans are granted up to USD 300,000 at interest rates dependent on creditworthiness.

The mortgage loan is particularly cheap if a prime mortgage can be given as security. It can also be used to consolidate debt and offset debt collection claims.

In principle, negative Credit Checker entries do not exclude awarding. However, it may not be the so-called hard entries.

Bankruptcy, arrest warrant, affidavit, and unpaid legally established claims preclude an award.

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