Experience with Good Investor Credit from Germany

Best experience with Good Investor Credit. I am single and have suffered some financial losses due to my boyfriend’s separation. As a result, I had to take out several expensive loans at short notice that almost drove me to ruin.

With Good Investor Credit, I got some offers through an instant loan and got back into an economically stable situation. I can only confirm the best experiences. Sabine S., office clerk from Mannheim *

Business start-up loan

Business start-up loan

For over 2 years I tried to get a loan of $ 25,000 from several banks. Because I had a Schufa entry due to a dispute with a mobile operator, I was no longer in the target group of the banks.

There was no way there, so I had to postpone my plans to start a business month after month. With the announcement to Good Investor Credit, everything went pretty quickly and that’s why I’m very grateful. Manuela B., a beautician from Munich *

Begging is not my thing

I was looking for a solid alternative to the bank because I feel like a beggar there. I hate to be looked down on and dependent on the mood of a banker who uses a loan to decide my future.

I decided to take my future into my own hands and successfully presented my project to many investors. The whole process is simple and uncomplicated, absolutely recommendable. Franz A., a student from Regensburg *

Awesome experiences

So it’s easy too. I used to think that getting a loan is a huge effort. With investorenkredit.de, I have found that finding investors is really easy. I started my own business with a small project about half a year ago and was looking for a shopping loan because I had to replenish my warehouse.

My house bank made it clear to me that I could only expect a loan after 2-3 years, so I came across this platform. Martin W., an entrepreneur from Düsseldorf *

Successful debt restructuring


I messed up my Schufa sustainably through some stupid things in my young years. And that led to a rat tail full of negative consequences and further entries. I do not wish anyone such experiences.

It was only through a private donor that I got back on my feet, now pay a fixed rate and can sleep peacefully again. Anyone who has gone through something knows how stressful it can be. Holger M., a mechatronic engineer from Landshut *

No job after graduation

I finished my studies 2 years ago and got no job in my department. I then went to Brazil and started a company with very little money, which has since been very successful.

However, I do not get any credit here, nor from my bank in Germany. I only recently came together with a private lender who enabled me to expand my business in Brazil with a private loan. Great performance.

Discretion is important to me

Discretion is important to me

The daughter of my largest client is now working in my house bank – I am certain that discretion and discretion are over. That’s why I decided to go new ways and find a private sponsor for my business. It didn’t take long for investorenkredit.de and I received several loan offers.

In the beginning, it was nothing special, but after about 4 weeks some offers came up, which then fit. If I am to describe my experiences, I can only say that no one does witchcraft, but that’s a good thing here. Jochen F., interior design from Ludwigsburg *